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The data security solution

Quiver helps organisations to classify, protect and distribute

all their data  – free whether locally or globally.

Secure data on any device

Encrypt your data at creation level for complete control of it.

Track data across its full lifecycle

Information and files generate a comprehensive audit trail. Track everything that happens with your data.

Control data access at every step

Decide who has access to your data as well as when, for how long and with what rights. Withdraw access easily if needed.

Protect all your company information

With Quiver, data is encrypted at creation level. So you have complete control of your company information at all times. This guarantees compliance with the GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) and protects your company from malware and insider threats.

  • Get a complete overview of every interaction with your data

  • Pre-set rights and roles in your company for data access

  • Avoid having to change existing business applications (Office, Adobe, etc.)

  • Customise different secutiry levels for your data

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Control user access

Always have complete control of when and where people can access your data. Revoke permissions or restore access in real time – no matter where the data is stored or who it’s been shared with.

  • Withdraw access at any time – even after data has been downloaded or shared with third parties

  • Protect your data at a specific location for a specific time

  • Change access rights anytime, anywhere

  • Prevent people from taking screenshots of confidential information

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Detect potential insider threats
and malware in real time

All information and files generate a comprehensive audit trail. Quiver gives you full visibility of company data and detects insider threats and malware at an early stage. 

Get in-depth, real time information about:

  • Anyone opening your files and for how long

  • Anyone taking a screenshot

  • Possible insider threats and malware

  • Suspicious file activity

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Quiver ensures data security and privacy while increasing your productivity.