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The data security solution

Quiver is the data security solution for

Intellectual Property and GDPR/AVG compliance

Encryption and Audit Trail

Encrypt all your data on file level, and track it no matter with whom it is shared.

Team of GDPR Experts

Our GDPR legal, security and data experts will help you transform

Control data access at every step

Decide who has access to your data as well as when, for how long and with what rights. Withdraw access easily if needed.

Simple. Easy. Integrated in Office.

Quiver is easy to use and implement, while existing on all major platforms.

Quiver protects all your company information. This is how it works.

With Quiver, data is encrypted at creation level. This guarantees compliance with

the GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) and protects your company

from malware and insider threats.

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Privacy by Design

We offer file-level security upon creation of the file, ensuring full cycle privacy and security. Our admin service

is a self manage and design service with which companies can customize the Quiver service for their own benefit.

Get a complete overview of every interaction with your data Pre-set rights and roles in your company for data access Avoid having to change existing business applications (Office, Adobe, etc.) Customize different security levels for your data.

A fully compliant Audit Trail

Our advanced admin tool gives you full visibility of your entire company information ecosystem. It lets you define rights and policies for groups, individuals or specific files according to company policy and data classification.The Quiver Admin Tool empowers one or more company admins to self-manage the Quiver service. It provides a full overview of the Audit Trail of every file and user. Assure the ownership of your files and their regulation on a granular basis.

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Quiver ensures data security and privacy while increasing your productivity.