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Data Privacy Day 2017

How private do you keep your data?

Today, January 28th 2017 marks the annual Data Privacy Day celebrated in the US, Canada and 47 European countries. The growing connectivity of people brings not only many benefits and opportunities but increasingly presents us with the downside of the Internet. We should come up with ways to could protect ourselves better when we’re online and improve securing of personal data. is doing a great job in deploying a number of initiatives to increase the awareness of being online as an individual and as a business.

Using common sense and being alert to suspicious situations can prevent easy mistakes. Education is step number one to provide guidance.’s STOP.THINK.PROTECT program provides a framework that contributes to a safer online world. Their main recommendations are:

  • Keep a clean machine
  • Protect your personal information
  • Connect with Care
  • Be Web Wise
  • Be a Good Online Citizen


That means installing the necessary virus scanners, not clicking on malicious emails and never giving out your banking information. Furthermore, what a lot of people don’t know is that connecting with a public WiFi makes you vulnerable for attacks.


Personal Data

While all of the measures mentioned do help you stay out of trouble, they do not address to protect one of the most important assets you own; your personal data. Photo’s, resumes, personal information, password document (yes everyone has one) and so on. Losing this data is not only very inconvenient; it can lead to other far stretching consequences we rather not think of. Ransom for releasing your data or Identity Theft for example are increasing result of data theft. Did you know that around 12 million US citizens are victim of ID theft every year?


How to protect your personal data?

One should store your personal information in a safe place. But printing all our documents, photo’s etc. and keep it in a safe at home is outdated. People want to store information where they do business and interact with others. Online and available where we need it and when we need it.


Therefore we need to rethink and design the way we store and share our information. Quiver does just that. By securing all your data with file level encryption, Quiver protects every single file at the source. This means that Quiver’s unique technology travels with the file, no matter where it goes or when it is opened. Whether your files are stored on your computer or in the cloud, shared with friends or family, in the event your data gets stolen it is of no value and stays safe.

Do you want to learn more on how Quiver can help you protect you personal data? Check out our website at