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Fines are up to 20 million EUR or 4% of your annual turnover.


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Quiver is a state of the art, patented software solution. We offer file-level encryption, so only authorized users can access information. 

Regardless of its storage location.

The Admin Tool allows the Admin to define illegal scenarios in which automatic triggers are sent. The alerts enable the DPO and others in the organization to detect potential misuse of information at an early stage, so that they can act immediately. The rights of the offender will be suspended in realtime.

Audit Trail

We provide a full Audit Trial of all file activities. This gives any organization full transparency into what happens to sensitive and confidential information. In our Admin Tool the company Admin can search and export information from the Audit Trial, so they can detect an attempt to breach at an early stage, as is mandatory according to the GDPR.


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Quiver provides companies the tools needed to Secure, Track and Control digital information. We encrypt your data at creation level with AES 256, providing full control over your files at all times. The document is embedded in an envelope container, which still can be opened by the original application (e.g. Office and PDF) making the user experience as normal as possible.

Quiver allows organizations to take back access to shared files in realtime. Even when files are downloaded on external drives, unauthorized users will not be able to access them. Quiver also offers the Reshare restriction, which means that recipients of shared files are not able to Reshare those files with third parties.



Quiver is available on premise, which keeps your organization in full control of where the keys are stored and the chance of data loss is minimal. Quiver has integrations with Active Directory, SAML, openID, Okta and O-auth, so your business can keep running the way you are used to.


Contact us if you would like to receive a white paper with the key takeaways of the GDPR for your company, and how Quiver can be the solution!

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We offer a broad range of functionalities that will help you reach GDPR compliance!