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Quiver is the Number One secure Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) solution


Manage, monitor and secure your corporate data at every level of your organisation and anywhere in the world.

Quiver protects your most important assets – your privacy and company data. By embedding that data with digital rights management (DRM) technologies, we secure it wherever it goes. Now you control who can access your data, for how long and where. Decide whether people can edit, copy, print, download or forward it – even after files have been downloaded or shared with third parties.


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Audit Trail

Keep track of all your data with real time information and alerts. Get a complete overview of prevented data breaches.

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Access control

Revoke data access at any time – even after it’s been downloaded or shared with third parties.


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Restrictions on sharing

Keep control after sharing. Data is only accessible by the intended recipient to prevent people forwarding it.


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Time Box

Share files and information restricted to a specific timeframe (ranging from seconds to months).

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Set geographical boundaries to control precisely where company data can be accessed.

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Screenshot control

Prevent people from making screenshots or using snipping tools on any device.

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Control capabilities:




Administrator Tool

The Quiver Admin Tool is a complimentary document management and data classification solution. It empowers one or more members of your company to manage the Quiver service. And it provides a comprehensive overview of the audit trail of every file and user.

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  • Track the number of data breaches prevented

  • Specify rights and roles for individuals or groups

  • Manage groups and users within your organisation

  • Track data through its entire lifecycle to get critical auditing and business intelligence information

  • Protect information efficiently with automatic data classification

  • Customise settings to match your own business processes

  • Generate reports of specific actions within departments

  • Enjoy a comprehensive overview of your company’s data

Adaptable deployment options:




Integrations platform:

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Extra features:

Quiver for e-mail

Send secure emails ensuring that both text and attachments can only be accessed by the intended recipient. E-mails can be instantly recalled at any time.


Receive instant notifications of file activity or breach attempts and implement direct action to prevent further intrusion. Adjust these alerts to match your specific needs.

File versioning

Previous versions of a file are stored every time the file is saved. Owners can recover previous versions.

Mobile editor

Edit files quickly and easily on your mobile device using our mobile editor.

Cross device sync

All files and folders are automatically synchronized between devices in real time.

Plug-in free

Quiver integrates automatically with your existing business applications including Office and Adobe as well as for AutoCAD, audio and video files. Share information directly from the application you’re working on.

Quiver is the intuitive and user-friendly way to encrypt your data to the highest level.